Welcome to PinnacleCare Electronic Health Records


What is Electronic Health Records?

Electronic Health Records is a secure tool for PinnacleCare Members that enables private access to their health records 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world. While traveling or visiting a new doctor, Members of PinnacleCare can view, download and print their records easily by accessing Health Records Online as well as provide instant access to their physicians should there be a need.

This tool revolutionizes healthcare by organizing records in one secure place where they can be viewed on demand when PinnacleCare Members need to make decisions about their health.

What are the features of Health Records Online?

Electronic Health Records is a highly secure interface that enables access to a Member’s health records. As a PinnacleCare Member, you will receive a Log In and Password to connect privately to your records. The simple navigation allows even first time users the ability to get to any part of their health records quickly so they can view or print out specific charts, exam information, test results and documents. The records can also be downloaded to a device, such as a password protected computer or even a secure flash drive, for complete portability.

For more information or questions about this tool, contact your PinnacleCare Advisor.

Instructions of Use

Table of Contents:

Log In
View Member Records
Print Records
Download Health Records
Create Temporary Password

Log In

To access PinnacleCare Electronic Health Records visit http://www.mypinnaclecare.com

If you elect, your health records will be processed and made available online in a secure, protected environment. Once available online, you will receive an email notifying you that your records are available and you will be able to choose your personal Log In and Password.

When your Log In and Password are set up you will be notified.

If you forget your username or password at any time, contact your PinnacleCare Advisor.

View Member Records

The View Member Records page allows you to navigate through your records. If there is more than one person covered under a membership, once authorized, you will be able to view each of their records by clicking on their tab at the top of the page. (Note: To have access to all of the people under one membership with one Log In, written approval is required by all parties. Contact your Advisor for more information.)

On the left, Member information is listed, including name and contact information, your PinnacleCare Advisor and Emergency contacts. The detailed information can be expanded by clicking on the small magnifying glass icon ().

Vital Records

On the right, your vital records are listed. These records consist of EKG, or radiology records for example. This area also links to vital healthcare documents, such as a power of attorney or living will declaration.

These documents and many others on the site are in a “PDF” file format. While PDF viewing software is commonly installed on most computers, if you do not have one on your PC you must install one to view and print these documents. One can be downloaded for free here: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

Lower Navigation

The health summary tab allows you to see the most common and widely used health information. This includes any current medication being taken and medical history including any prior diagnosis or surgeries. There are also lists of known allergies that you may have, as well as family health history. Risk factors are listed as well. For example: cardiac issues, or cholesterol levels that you may have. It also includes any social habits.

The health care providers and facilities tab outlines all of the physicians, hospitals or specialty health care centers you may be attending. The contact information for all of these entities are listed.

The medical records tab organizes all of the accrued medical records. Here, finding a specific record for your needs is simple as the category tabs can be sorted by clicking on the title. You can sort by Specialty, Provider, Facility and other aspects of the documents to quickly find what you are looking for. Each record has a link to view the record file. Click the file icon to view them ( Click to view this document ) and the record will open in a new window where it can be printed, viewed and downloaded.

The appointments and admissions tab list all of your appointments with physicians and facilities. This tool can organize upcoming appointments and keep a history of past visits and hospitalizations.

Print Records

The print records page allows you to print all, some or specific records.

Print “Vital Records” – This feature will print your vital records as listed on the “View Member Data page” For example, an EKG, or radiology images.

Print “Healthcare Documents” – This feature will print all of your important health care documents, for example a living will. You can also select to print the most recent healthcare documents.

Print “Custom Health Record Selection” – This feature will allow you to selectively print specific records you are interested in. Check the box of record(s) that you need printed.

Download Records

This page will download all of your online health records to a computer or secure device like a password protected flash drive.

  1. After arriving to this page, choose the Member you would like to download to proceed and click “Download Health Records”.
  2. Read and agree to the terms by checking the box.
  3. Choose your operating system (Windows or Mac)

  4. Choose a destination for the records. This will place the downloaded records in the destination you choose, for example the hard drive of a PC (usually labeled “C:”) or a flash drive (sometimes labeled “Removable Drive”).

  5. Click “OK” and the records will be loaded into that destination.

Create Temporary Password

If you would like to give a password to a physician for temporary use, this feature is very useful. After creating a temporary password, the password expires 5 days after its first use, ensuring the security of the records. To create a temporary password, go to the Create Temporary Password Page and click “Continue”. The new password will be sent to the email address we have in your account. This password can be forwarded to any physician or facility that needs to instantly access your health records at your discretion.